it's your decision

the time for change is now

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

— Buckminster Fuller

sustainable real estate

Customized real estates can be designed and ordered online and bought via our cryptocurrency worldwide. Holidays in our earthship hotels can be booked as well.

stop climate change

The decentralized terra preta production will help farmers to dispense with fertilizers and pesticides. Co2-Levels will be reduced on a measurable scale.

independent food supply

An accountancy tool with automated tax payment will connect established regional-economic systems and can be used by community members world-wide.

constructive approaches for whole continents

a sustainable city model

Assurance of a safe and secure existence is the basic requirement for the emergence of a progressive society. Natural cycles are the role model, for the entire architecture of a sustainable city model, which can easily be replicated world-wide.

democratic decision making

An advanced liquid democracy system will provide safe direct-democratic decision making.
Aside from obvious benefits like transparency and equality Liquid Desicion's cellular structure enables a high level of dynamic usability.

educate the world

Authentication via Blockchain will guarantee global and secure exam processing, which all users can prepare for with video presentations and exercises.
If there are questions, users can reach out to driven teachers via live chat 24 hours a day.

real resources. real value.

securing value

The Project Open Society Cryptocurrency is not only supported by a regional basic supply network (goods and services).
Furthermore Project Open Society will purchase land and build cities. The accumulated resources, the automated product production and the people participating in the project secure value.

it's your decision

The properties and updates of the cryptocurrency (even its part in the whitepaper) are determined democratically by the members. Also the name for it will be a community decision. The currency of a new social and economic system should be created together with the users.

basic income

The community is the sole owner of the cryptocurrency. It’s issued as budget for the expansion of Project Open Society and it’s sub-projects. Our city residents are registered as employees and get a basic income and secured existence. The individual workload is managed via software. Project Open Society is no usual business, it’s a way of life to protect our future existence in a forward-looking way.

smart combination

Since the connection to automated systems, as well as the scalability are essential points for the future of our currency, we tend toward the use of so-called Tangles (similar to IOTA), in combination with classic but sustainable blockchain technology. Technology should be used in a way that fits the purpose.

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